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Van Storage Systems

Rola-Case Storage Systems

Standard Electric Now Selling Rola-Case Products

In keeping with its pledge to give customers the very best products on the market today, Standard Electric is now selling Rola-Case products. We are now an excellent source of all Rola-Case vehicle storage items and can even order specific products that might be hard to find.

About Rola-Case

Rola-Case was invented in Australia in 1982 and quickly became a huge success across the nation, eventually moving into the USA, New Zealand and Singapore. Their products are designed and engineered to give workers the very best in mobile storage options, van shelving, van racking and storage, accessories and much more. Their products are thoughtfully engineered and thoroughly tested. Today, they offer a wide range of vehicle racking and storage, along with boat storage and other products that stand the test of time. Rola-Case is committed to helping workers succeed, whether they have one work truck or a whole fleet.

Great Selection of Rola-Case Products at Standard Electric

In keeping with our commitment to provide customers with the largest selection of quality products, Standard Electric is proud to be your local supplier of Rola-Case van and truck storage products in the Massachusetts area. We understand that electrical contractors need the best products available to get the job done and this includes durable vehicle shelving, cargo barriers, and high-quality plastic bins for accessories. Rola-Case has a very substantial range of these products and even items like first aid kits and gas cabinets.

Standard Electric continues its mission to provide the electrical industry with all the tools, accessories and supplies necessary to keep America’s power grid up and running. Our customers include residential contractors, industrial contractors, mechanical contractors, and Solar installation contractors. And these are many of the same trade groups that Rola-Case products were originally built for.

Whether you run a small business out of a work van or have an entire fleet of vehicles that services the whole state of Massachusetts, Rola-Case storage products can help you get your work done easier and more efficiently. They offer vehicle racking and storage systems by trades, such as for electrical, plumbing, locksmiths, or HVAC professionals. And they also have a full range of Rolacases, metal drawer kits, trolley kits, sliding platforms and others. In addition, they sell a line of heavy duty shelving and storage products for those industries where the work can get tough and the job demands are harsh.

When you have the right tools at your disposal, you can focus on getting your work completed, instead of searching multiple bins and cubbies to find the tools and equipment you need for a job. A well-organized vehicle can be a great advantage to contractors and Rola-Case manufactures only the best. Their commitment to quality products and great customer service fully aligns with that of Standard Electric. We hope you’ll check out our wide range of Rola-Case storage solutions now available.

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